Wouldn’t it be fabulous if your passion helps you earn your living too? Everyone can now earn online with Orion Code, but if you enjoy writing and it helps you relax then it can certainly help you in making some money. Books take you into their world and help you de-stress as well.

With a large variety of genre in books, there is something for everyone as per their interest and taste. There is a niche market for horror books and if you write well you can certainly make money out of it. If we go by the definition the word horror means an “Extreme feeling of shock, intense fear or disgust”.

Like any other genre of writing a book, horror will not work if you are unable to make the reader to travel into his own world. Here are few points to keep into consideration while writing a book:

Know your work or genre in and out: Read and research as much as you can about the genre you decided to write about. Learning from great authors will enhance your writing.

Keep the characters relatable: Reading about something that one can relate with will always find its place in the reader’s mind. Stories are nothing without a character. This is really important for stimulating intense emotions like horror. Characters bring stories together or in other words good stories come from characters. A character is a real person and people will connect with your story if they connect with the character.

Avoid clichés and keep it in pace with emotions: It is important that you read other authors for inspiration and develop your own ideas. Try avoiding same storylines or clichés patterns followed on from ages to create a horror story. Your story should be like a rollercoaster in terms of emotions. No-one likes to read the whole story on same pace or story with the intention being bored silly.

Tap into common human fears: Think of things or situations that scares the most. Your story should arouse fear, shock or disgust.

Before starting the venture of writing a horror novel or book, you should be able to differentiate between terror and horror. A good horror book involves and uses both to give their reader worth of their money. Once you are done writing your book, edit, edit, and edit. Edit your book as per your target audiences.

At the end, it all comes down to publishing your book. There are two options once it comes to publishing. You can follow the traditional way of hiring an agent which will result in going to publishers or you can get it published on your own with the help of publishing service. Whatever option you choose will decide the next step in publishing your book.

Writing a successful horror story is not so much different to success in any other genre. For any successful horror book, it is important that you read widely and do research on your genre well.