Sunday, July 27, 2014

Introducing: BOOK-ie

As one of the first publishers to jump on board the ebook train, Books of the Dead Press has been able to see the ever-changing landscape within the e-publishing world from the start. We understand how various developments within the industry influence sales and marketing. A couple of years ago we started to focus on marketing more seriously. From there we began helping authors and publishers create and promote their products with our "Friends of the Dead" program and our "Book Covers for Sale" service. A few weeks ago we announced the end of those two programs. Today we are announcing the launch of a new service. 

BOOK-ie is a free daily service that notifies readers about deep discounts and ebook giveaways. Promotions start in December 2014, but you can subscribe today. Daily selections are based on the subscribers preferences.

Our goal is simple, but huge: to connect thousands of authors with millions of readers.

You may be wondering if BOOK-ie is for the horror community only, and the answer is no. It's for everybody––all different types of readers and authors. 

If you're a reader, joining couldn't be easier. Just tell us what types of books you like and where to send the information. We'll do the rest. Spent 15 seconds HERE and you'll be done. We don't even need to know your name.

If you're a writer, we're currently offering our service for the ultra-low price of $10 while we gather subscribers. Again, promotions begin in December 2014.

Marketing for this service quietly began a couple weeks ago while we worked out a few bugs in the system. Having said that, we've already attended one small convention and launched a paid Facebook campaign, and subscribers are signing up at a surprising rate. As time moves on, our marketing will become more aggressive online and in person. Look for us over the next few months at the Word on the Street festival, the Toronto Fan Expo, the Ottawa Geek Market, The Strange and Astounding Show, and the Toronto Zombie Walk, amongst other places.  

Check out BOOK-ie HERE or subscribe to The BOOK-ie Blog.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

99¢ Sale: John F.D. Taff - Little Deaths

This week Books of the Dead is having a 99¢ sale for John F.D. Taff's amazing book Little Deaths. The sale is taking place on Amazon, Amazon UKSmashwords, Kobo, iBooks and Barnes & NobleIf you haven't picked up a copy, now's the time. 

Here's the synopsis: 

Named the #1 Horror Collection of 2012 by Horror Talk
Named top 5 books of 2012 by AndyErupts

You think you’ve got bad dreams? Consider author John F.D. Taff’s nightmares. Taff has the kind of nightmares no one really wants. But it’s nightmares like these that give him plenty of ideas to explore; ideas that he’s turned into the short stories he shares in this new collection Little Deaths. Little Deaths features 19 pieces of short horror fiction; some have appeared previously in print elsewhere, others appear for the first time here. All of them are chilling, weird looks at the human condition from a decidedly dark perspective.

“Little Deaths is a treat for fans of horror. The diversity of the collection is outstanding, the writing is the kind that gets nods for the Stoker, and all the elements of horror fiction are there in spades.” ~ HORROR TALK

For 99¢, you should buy Little Deaths HERE.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

99¢ Sale: Bracken MacLeod - Mountain Home

For the next week or so readers have the chance to pick up the ebook version of Bracken MacLeod's debut novel Mountain Home for 99¢. The sale will be taking place on SmashwordsAmazon UK,  AmazonKobo, and Barnes & Noble. Enjoy.

Here's the synopsis:

Lyn works at an isolated roadside diner. When a retired combat veteran stages an assault there her world is turned upside down. Surviving the sniper’s bullets is only the beginning of Lyn's nightmare. Navigating hostilities, she establishes herself as the disputed leader of a diverse group of people that are at odds with the situation and each other. Will she - or anyone else - survive the attack?

“Bracken MacLeod's Mountain Home hits like a Claymore mine and cuts with the emotional precision of a scalpel. Ferocious and tender, painful and real. A powerful and thoughtful first novel.” ~ CHET WILLIAMSON, International Horror Guild Award winning author of Soulstorm

"Bracken MacLeod brings heart and muscle to this taut siege thriller." ~ Nicholas Kaufmann, Shirley Jackson Award-nominated author of Chasing the Dragon

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Friday, July 11, 2014

New Cover for J.C. Michael's Discoredia

We've decided to create a new look for J.C. Michael's amazing book Discoredia which is available from: Amazon,  Amazon UK,  Smashwords,  KoboiBooksBarnes & Noble, and a bunch of other places. The cover was created by Small Dog Design.

We feel that the new image captures the "horror" element of the title, which the original cover was missing.

If you haven't picked up the title yet, now's a perfect time.

Here's the synopsis:

As the year draws to a close a mysterious stranger makes a proposition to club owner, Warren Charlton. It's a deal involving a brand new drug called Pandemonium.

The good news: the drug is free.
The bad news: it comes at a heavy price, promising much but delivering far more.

Euphoria and ecstasy. Death and depravity. All come together, at Discoredia.

Here's what people are saying:

“In “Discoredia,” J C Michael unleashes upon ordinary, unsuspecting characters a fiendish plot that only maestros such as Bentley Little and Michael Slade could rival.”
~ Dean Lombardo, author of Space Games

“Discoredia will take you on a crazy ride to hell and back, if you’re ballsy enough to take on this awesome book.”
~ Claire Riley, author of Limerence

“J.C. Michael’s brilliant novel, Discoredia, is a literal trip into the abyss echoing with the screams of those classic movies from the 80s where the big bad was bigger than life, unrepentantly evil, and no one was safe. By the time Michael’s 200 beat-per-minute pandemonium kicks in it’s too late to do anything but keep rolling and pray you make it to the last track.”
~ Bracken MacLeod, author of Mountain Home

“J. C. Michael’s Discoredia is the ballroom blitz from Hell. Michael’s novel of sex, drugs, music and evil pulls you in seductively, then turns the amp up to 11. With a silky, snaky style reminiscent of Clive Barker, Michael weaves a tale that takes recreational drug use to a whole new, terrifying level. The book moves at a terrific pace, to the THUMP THUMP THUMP of dance music. And all the time, in the background, there is an elegant, sophisticated evil DJing the entire rave.”
~ John F.D. Taff, author of Little Deaths

“Fantastic. Epic. I’ve done a lot of drugs, and wrote my share of stories, but never have they both danced together in the darkness such as in Discoredia.”
~Mark Matthews, author of On the Lips of Children

Buy Discoredia here: Amazon / Amazon UK / Smashwords / Kobo / iBooks / Barnes & Noble

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Book Covers NOT for sale.

A few days ago we announced that "All good things must come to an end, and our Friends of the Dead program had run its course."

Today I'm announcing the end of our Book Covers For Sale program.

If you would like to purchase one of our covers you'll have until July 31st, 2014. After that, you're on your own.

There maybe be a few people that are a little confused in regard to the sudden changes here at Books of the Dead. Lord knows, I'd be thinking that the company was in serious trouble and if I listened closely I would be able to hear the sound of a death rattle getting near.

I promise you, nothing could be further from the truth.

Our 2014 1st quarter was our best quarter yet. We sold just under 20,000 units and we probably gave away 10,000 - 15,000 on top of that.

The problem here is growing pains, combined with a burning desire to stay ahead of the curve.

The business, in its current state, is being streamlined, so we will have more time to focus on our future. And our future, for the record, will center on marketing.

To Keri Knutson, who created all of those amazing covers, I’d like to say:
“Thank you.”

For those authors that have been thinking about buying a cover, I’d like to say:
“Waiting is no longer an option; now is the time to buy.”

Will the program ever return?

Only time will tell.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The End of: Friends of the Dead

All good things must come to an end, and our Friends of the Dead program has run its course. Soon, we will no longer be accepting new “Friends.”

For those authors that have joined our program, I’d like to say:
“Thank you.”

For those authors that have been thinking about joining, but procrastinating, I’d like to say:
“Waiting is no longer an option; now is the time to join.”

We will be accepting new “Friends” until July 31st, 2014, and we will promote our client list––both new and old–– until December 31st, 2014. On that day, the program, and the promotions that are connected to it, will be over.

Will the program ever return?

Only time will tell.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Joe R. Lansdale - Hot In December

The next author to join Friends of the Dead is horror heavyweight, Joe R. Lansdale.

Joe has received the Edgar Award, eight Bram Stoker Awards, the Horror Writers Association Lifetime Achievement Award, the British Fantasy Award, and many others. His novella "Bubba Hotep" was adapted to film by Don Coscarelli and his story "Incident On and Off a Mountain Road" was adapted to film for Showtime's "Masters of Horror." Now he's promoting his new novella Hot In December, which was released by the good people at Dark Regions Press.

(The cover for this wonderful title was created right here at Books of the Dead, and it sure does look sweet!)

Here's the synopsis:

A psychological thriller in the vein of Dean Koontz and Lee Child, Hot in December is a fast-paced and entertaining novella from the author of Edge of Dark Water, The Bottoms and the Hap and Leonard novel series.

One death is only the beginning for Tom and his wife Kelly who witness a fast-driving car killing their innocent neighbor in the street. Tom describes the driver to the police, but there is something he didn't anticipate: the driver belongs to a powerful criminal gang in East Texas. The criminals make Tom and his family a target, abducting his wife Kelly and threatening his daughter. Now Tom must look to old war comrades for help in a brutal and unforgiving struggle to rescue his wife and bring justice to the notorious gang.

Here's what people are saying:

"Reading Joe Lansdale is like listening to a favorite uncle who just happens to be a fabulous storyteller." ~ Dean Koontz

"Joe R. Lansdale's fellow Texans would call Joe a 'straight shooter.' That's what makes his writing so good-no BS involved. Joe's work is alternately scary, funny as hell, disturbing, but always (and most importantly) memorable." ~ Bruce Campbell

A storyteller in the great American tradition of Ambrose Bierce and Mark Twain." ~ Boston Globe 

"Joe R. Lansdale has a folklorist's eye for telling detail and a front-porch raconteur's sense of pace." ~ The New York Times Book Review 

"One of the greatest yarn spinners of his generation: fearless, earthy, original, manic and dreadfully funny." ~ Dallas Morning News 

Buy Hot in December HERE.

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