Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Submission call: BEST NEW ZOMBIE TALES (Vol. 4 & 5)

The wait is finally over. The submission period for BEST NEW ZOMBIE TALES (Vol. 4 & 5) has finally arrived. (If you have already been accepted for volume 4, you are still accepted! We just have a few holes to fill...)

Here are the guidelines:


Reading Period: Submission period starts now and ends September 15th 2011. Word Count: Between 2,000 - 10,000 words. Stories longer than 10,000 words will be accepted, but will be a hard sell. A maximum of two stories can be submitted.

What we want: This is a reprint anthology. Zombie stories only. If your story does not have a zombie (or more than one zombie) in it, then it is not right for this anthology. We are looking for the best of the bunch. The year your story was released does not matter; whether or not it was previously released does. We do not want unpublished stories unless you have either:
A) Sold us a story before.
Or -
B) Can honestly say that you have sold more than 5,000 books in your writing career (books means novels, not stories tucked inside other anthologies). If you have sold more than 5,000 books, send it in, and let us know that it is an original story.

What we don’t want: Writers that ignore the guidelines, and stories that have appeared on personal websites, blogs, etc. This anthology is for stories that have been sold to a publisher. Stories with high amounts of sexual content will not be accepted. 

Something to consider: The stories do not have to be horror, but Books of the Dead is a horror publisher. Proud to be a horror publisher, in fact. Well-written stories will always win out, but that does not mean that you have to tread lightly. Be brave. Write brave.  

Payment: Authors receive 1¢ per word, plus one contributor copy of the book.

Publication: Volume 4: 2011. Volume 5: 2012

Email: Send in your manuscript as a doc (not doc X) attachment to BestHorror3 (at) gmail (dot) com, c/o Carolina Smart.

Technical stuff:  Preferred font: Garamond. Use single spacing. Don’t number your pages. Keep your italics in italics. Don’t put anything in your ‘Header’ or ‘Footer’. We claim non-exclusive electronic rights and print rights; the author maintains all other rights.

Return time: As soon as possible. Please do not query, asking us if we have read the story, or if we have made a decision. Books of the Dead is NOT going anywhere, and you will receive a response once the decisions have been made. We will also be sending out a confirmation email with every submission. If you do not receive a confirmation email within a week, let us know. Occasionally - as we all know - emails get lost, or sent to the wrong address, or whatever. 

Good luck!


  1. Is there a limit to the number of stories we can submit at one time?

  2. Good question. Maximum two stories. (I'll add that to the guidelines...) Thanks!

  3. Do you accept self-published zombie stories? I have one I put out in June.

    (fingers and toes crossed)


  4. Sorry Raymond. Sold and self-published are two different animals.

  5. Do walking mummies count as zombies? I have a couple that were published and the rights to at least one have reverted to me.

  6. Any exceptions at the front end of the word count limit? I've got a 500 word previously published flash piece that I'm very proud of.

  7. If we have a story, that has been paid and published before, but want to tweak (as in just to some superficial editing) is that allowed?

  8. Isn't it a bit of a contradiction in terms to require submissions be previously published for submission in a collection entitled "Best New Zombie Tales"? If I've already read them, they aren't exactly new...

  9. Freaktension: If you are in love with a 500 story, send it.

    Suzanne: Tweak away!

    Alyn: Maybe this isn't the right publication for you...?

  10. I have two zombie stories that will be published later this month in seperate anthologies. The rights will revert back to me in six months. Can I submit them now for Vol. 5, or should I wait for Vol. 6, if one is announced?

  11. When will the "Zombie Kong" contracts start showing up for those lucky enough to have made the cut?

  12. Do you use much artwork? Im setting on a pile of drawings right now. My work can be sampled at http://chris.michaelherring.net/ or on my Mars Newsletter on www.blackpetals.net as well
    Chris Friend
    2801 Emerson Avenue #4
    Parkersburg, WV 26104

  13. Thanks for sharing, Chris!

    Contracts for Zombie Kong will be shipped out soon.

    If I had 2 separate zombies stories that are not yet published, I would wait. Sending them too soon is (unfortunately) like asking for a rejection.

  14. Are there any updates on this?

  15. No update just yet. Gotta get Zombie Kong out the door first...