6 Ways Darth Vader Makes a Better Villain

If you’re a fiction writer, writing is all about the story. And story, regardless of genre, is about conflict. If you are to write a book you’d need money to fund this adventure. You might look to start a blog using your talent or even trade online with Orion Code.

Traditionally, in literature, there are three basic conflicts:

Man Vs Man
Man Vs Nature
Man Vs Himself

Sometimes a forth “traditional” conflict is sited:

Man Vs Society

In the last few decades arguments have been made for other types of conflict, such as:

Man Vs Machine
Man Vs Fate
Man Vs God

If you’re writing fiction, you are writing about one of these conflicts. If you’re not… well, you probably should be.

Basic storytelling dictates that you need to have a protagonist and an antagonist. You can – and should – add a more to your story but you cannot add less. Your protagonist and your antagonist are your ‘shooter vs. your goalie’, your ‘spy vs. spy’, your ‘Qbert vs. the maze’. If you’re writing a story and you’re not sure who the ‘good-guy’ and the ‘bad-guy’ are, your story might be in trouble. When a reader falls in love with a book, often times it’s because the hero and the villain are fantastic.

Darth Vader is ranked third best movie villain in cinema history by the American Film Institute, and is one of the most beloved villains ever created. So ask yourself, is the antagonist you’ve created half as good as The Dark Lord of the Sith?

Lets look at some of the reason Darth Vader is so great:

He’s Unique

Whether he’s cruising in his spaceship, talking politics with the Galactic Empire, or engaged in battle with those hard working yet underappreciated Stormtroopers, Darth Vader stands out in a crowd.

He Looks Cool

You don’t have to wash a character in a dark colors to turn a villain into a super-villain, but lets face it: troublemakers rarely wear pink.

He’s Strong

With a flick of the wrist and a twitch from his finger he can toss the contents from any room right out the window.

He’s Heartless

What’s that… you’ve been working here for 25 years, never cause trouble, and you have a wife and three kids to support? Don’t care. You’re not sure where the Millennium Falcon has gone… now you’re worm-food. I’m Darth Vader, bitch.

He Rises to the Top

Your bad-guy doesn’t need to start out as the kingpin. Placing your character lower on the food chain gives a villain room to grow.

He’s Got the Skills to Pay the Bills

Good with the lightsaber? Check? Can stop a laser from a blaster with his hand? Check. Got the force? Damn straight.
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