Friday, August 9, 2013

Julie Hutchings - Running Home

As a publisher I enjoy the simple things in life, like releasing a title and having it climb the charts before I've even had a chance to say, "Look guys... a new release."

Well, that's what has happened here.

For the third day in a row I'm announcing a new title. Today it's: Running Home by the wonderful, talented, and funnier than hell Julie Hutchings.

The book climbed up the Amazon ranks, getting as high as #25 on the Dark Fantasy chart within its first 18 hours.

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Here's the synopsis:

Death hovers around Ellie Morgan like the friend nobody wants. She doesn’t belong in snow-swept Ossipee, New Hampshire, at a black tie party––but that is where she is, and where he is: Nicholas French, the man who mystifies her with a feeling of home she’s been missing, and the impossible knowledge of her troubled soul.

Nicholas followed an abomination that is one of his own, but finds that fate has driven him to New Hampshire. He is a being of the Shinigami, a heroic vampire order that save their victims from more tragic ends. And he knows why Ellie is human repellent… why physical agony grips them when apart.

"Running Home by Julie Hutchings is set to be one of the leading debut novels of its genre."
~ Dylan J. Morgan: best selling author of Hosts and the Blood War Trilogy

"This is like the Dark Knight of vampire books. Up there with not just Anne Rice, but Stephen King."
~ Phil Cone, author of Paddy Nemesis 

"Running Home has a dark beauty which entwines the mundane and the magical."
~ J.C. Michael, author of Discoredia

"A fascinating take on vampires, unlike anything I've seen before, filled with a rich and beautiful culture. I was left simply begging for more."
~ J. Liz Hill, author of Bound

"I can't remember a time I've enjoyed a vampire novel so much. The blend of self-aware characters and unique, fresh mythology made for an engaging, addictive read. I believe I have found my new favorite urban vampire story."
~ Frances Button, Opening Line Literary 'Zine

"Forget about creatures that glitter, change forms, or howl under the full moon bathed in the blood of their victims. They aren't nearly as important as the human element...and it is the human element Julie Hutchings never forgets in Running Home." 
~ Lydia Aswolf, Host of  Lydia's Literary Lowdown

About the Author:
Julie is the wildcard and muscle behind the Undead Duo - a two person writing team that includes Julie Hutchings and Kristen Strassel. She is also a life-long New Englander with an obsession for the dark mysteries of the backwoods of New Hampshire. When the inspiration struck to write her debut novel, she found the opportunity to blend her love of Japanese culture with her love of vampire mythology.

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  1. Great cover and a wonderful book for fans of Twilight and the Trylle series.