Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tonia Brown - Lucky Stiff: Zombie Gigolo

Books of the Dead Press are proud to present our newest (fucked-up) release:

Tonia Brown's Lucky Stiff: Zombie Gigolo

Cover by Elder Lemon Design. Currently available as an ebook from AmazonAmazon UK and Smashwords.

Tonia, author of the amazing Badass Zombie Road Trip, was always a little different. She writes fantastic tales that come from a place few call home. And here at Books of the Dead, we always thought we understood the girl.

But my god, with the release of this insane title, I'm not sure that anyone understood anything about anything on this planet. Ever.

Tonia has truly outdone herself with this one. It is comedy horror X-rated gold.

Question: Do you enjoy zombies?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Do you enjoy sex?

Answer: Sure. Who doesn't?

Question: How do feel about a zombie gigolo giving the ladies something to think about.

Answer: Good god. I think I might be sick.

Here's the ridiculous synopsis:

Peter Lyles was unremarkable in life but unforgettable in death. After overdosing, Peter's friends almost bring him back to life, turning him into a zombie with the help of "sex-magic" Voodoo. His unforgettable adventure takes him from bedroom to bedroom, giving him a career as the hottest gigolo not quite alive, while he denies his hunger for human flesh. At times humorous, at times touching, but always sexy, sexy, sexy––Lucky Stiff will leave you wanting more. Peter's just that good.

"Lucky Stiff tells a tale of Peter, a nerdy young man on a fascinating journey. It is a journey filled with frustration, sadness, the search for happiness, understanding, and love as he grows to maturity as a man. He just so happens to be dead. Tonia Brown has managed to pull off no mean feat by making the reader grow attached to this young undead gigolo with a romantic streak a mile wide and a non-beating heart of gold." ~ Patrick D’Orazio, author of The Dark Trilogy

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  1. Thanks for the love, boss man. I am proud to be under your banner and call Books of the Dead home. :D