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Tips on Producing Ten or Twenty Pages in A Night

What do you do after discovering that you are in the night of making your paper submission? You will have a few minutes or more of tension and frustration, right! Learning that you have some 20 or 10 pages of research paper assignment to write overnight may not work well for you. Last minutes rush a regular happening, and therefore this won't be time to hate yourself for not making things in time. A night is just enough to set everything in order.

Compose yourself and draft an outline to work on your paper and submit it by morning. Below are some tips for organizing your research work within minimal time

Preparation before writing

You have already wasted much time panicking about how to write your paper in a night. Plan the remaining hours to ensure that you utilize each minute. Develop a work plan for all the activities you desire to accomplish within the remaining time.

Move away from destructors and have a free space that will make you focus. Find the outline of your work to have the direction on how to approach your topic. Once you are set, start drafting your work.

  • Determining your core topic

A time the tutor may provide the prompt to help you draft select a topic. If there is no guideline on topic selection, you may need to choose your topic. Go for the issue that is easy to research and write. Consider selecting a subject with enough information to save on time you may need to write your paper.

  • Researching on your topic

Start finding sites that have enough information about your topic. During researching, take note of all the sources you are using to make your referencing easy. Summarize the research source data in your words and explain how you will present your argument.

  • Develop three to five subtopics

After finding a suitable topic, outline three to five subtopics to form your paragraphs. Your subtopic should be exciting and with enough information.

How to write in a single night

Writing research in a single night may sound unrealistic. However, with the following steps, you can have your work accomplished in a night.

  • Planning and developing an outline

Plan your work to avoid wastage of the remaining time. Planning will help you develop specific activities for a participle time. Outlining the other side enables you to remain focused on your work as it you get the roadmap for your journey.

  • Utilize the advanced research tools

There are several advanced research tools for scholars. Make fair use of such tools available on the internet to make your research work easy.

  • Make fair use of reference tools.

Some referencing tools available on the internet can help you locate your research's origin—type in a section of your paper to find valuable quotes. Remember to cite your work well to avoid plagiarism issues.

Proofreading and editing your work

After you finish writing your work:

  1. Have some time away from your work and come back fresh for proofreading.
  2. Go through your work and correct any grammatical and spelling errors.
  3. Make fair use of peers with good writing skills to help you make corrections in your research paper.

Review your formatting before submission

All the research papers must be in line with the writing guidelines. Read through your work to ensure that your report follows the proper procedure.


Accomplishing your paper during the last-minute rush depends on how you compose yourself and plan your work. Although writing your essay is necessary, in case of a delay for various reasons, find time to prepare yourself and follow the above tips to write your paper within minimum time.

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