Necon 2012

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A couple days ago I returned home from Bristol, Rhode Island where I attended the Necon conference for the third time. Necon is run by the Booth family, who have been doing it for 32 years now.

I showed up late Wednesday night, July 18th, after a nine-hour drive. Everyone else started showing up on the Thursday, including my roommate Rio Youers. Rio and I decided that our Thursday would be best spent at the local pub singing karaoke. Thank god nobody filmed it. We were terrible. Once we were done stinking up the joint we returned to the conference and hung out with some fantastic people including Heather Graham, Jack Ketchum (Dallas Mayr), and F. Paul Wilson. I also met – for the first time – Daniel Waters. Dan is a great guy and I can’t wait to read the book he gave me, Generation Dead.

I attended a few panels on Friday, including one that was a lot of fun, called: Who was that Masked Man? Basically, a bunch of the old-school gang talked shit about the people that didn’t show up this year. Good times. The Necon Update is also something that’s always good for a laugh, and should be witnessed by everyone at least once. We stayed up until 4am drinking and stuff…

And then I had to take part in a panel the next morning at 9am! Somehow I managed to sound smart – alongside John Harvey, Richard Dansky, Rio Youers, and Monica O’Rourke. Oh, wait a minute. That’s right… Monica didn’t make it. Instead she decided to sleep in. I’m not sure why she would do that, especially after telling everyone to show up on time the night before. Oh well. That’s Monica.

Later in the evening, but before the night of drinking began, I took part in the Necon Anthem Competition. After sitting down with my guitar I sang the worst song ever created – and came in third. Chet Williamson came in first (Chet rocks in every way). People have been asking me to post my ridiculous lyrics, so hide your children, here they are:


PS – I’m looking forward to doing it again next year!