Writing a book is a tiresome task and takes up a lot of your time, however, it is all worth it if your story comes together as per your expectation. The basic tools and techniques of good writing are critical to writing in any genre. And good writers are able to make big money, though trading with binary option robot could be more profitable.

If you are wondering why people enjoy reading horror novels then there are many reasons and few are mentioned below:

Why do people like reading horror books?

It helps in exploring the unknown territory or Escapism. Curiosity drives people to hear horror stories. A good story and its characters are relatable and it gives a chance to the reader to understand the situation in detail. A trip to another world helps us forget the tensions and worries in our life. Books provide us that escape door. We enjoy being high on thrill when we know we are safe and can stop reading whenever we want to.

Dopamine can be a driving key. A reading a good keeps us on our toes till the end. We keep on anticipating the next situation while reading till we know the climax. Our brain releases a chemical named as Dopamine when we anticipate rewards. It is also responsible for some of the addictive habits people develop. In short, it gives us a natural high. Scary stories are Pandora box of thrills and chills that make us feel more alive.

The unpredictability of horror stories. One of the major the reasons people enjoy reading horror books are a chance to get out of monotonous routine and feel the emotions at the edge are. The human mind looks for novelty and such stories are full of twists and turns. We like or enjoy things that reflect our important unmet requirements.

Writing good horror book is undoubtedly a challenging task and getting it published is no less too. Once you complete writing your book and editing work next step would be to publish it.

There is no better job in the world if it is your passion too. So, if you are also one of those who is passionate about writing and believes that books are a door to another world then pick up your pen and start exploring. There is a good market for well-written horror novels and it will always find its place in the reader’s mind.

Demise of great author who taught is era of horror books will never end

William Peter Blatty was a distinguished author and will always remain in our heart. The demise of a great author who gave us a “The Exorcist” was saddening. He proved to the world that horror books era would never end and will always find their place with another genre of the books. His book “The Exorcist” was a milestone in horror fiction. He began writing what he thought would be a modest- selling thriller. About halfway he sensed he had something more.

After serving in Air Force, he worked for the United States Information Agency. He appeared as a contestant on “You bet your life” the television quiz show. After winning that show he became a full-time writer and never worked in a regular office job again.

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