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How to Write Your Book Report

The topic of book reports remains significantly constrained among the general public, even though most of these people have undergone a high school education. Perhaps, you have already encountered a book report, especially if you love reading and reading widely. However, you don't need to worry if you have never met such a term or you have forgotten about it.

Book reports entail informative write-ups that objectively discuss a book. It comes almost similar to a book review, though it concentrates more on the work's summary rather than its evaluation. Such a report will concentrate on describing the happenings in the literary piece by either providing an account regarding the characters, plot, main idea, and thesis of the paper. Further, book reports have a word range of two-hundred and fifty to five-hundred words.

Most of the time, book reviews get assigned to students while in college as assignments. However, such reviews come as different professional works, such as academic journals, newspapers, and magazines. But, remember, the difference between a book review and a book report, which acts as the focal point of this article.

Components of a Book Report

You have to understand the contents required in a book report before you begin the process of writing it. So what components should a book report have?

  • The author. It becomes essential to know a few things about the author of the book you want to write a report about.
  • Title. It forms a crucial part of the book report.
  • Get information on the publisher, such as the name of the publisher, their location, and the year of publication.
  • Also, check the number of pages involved in the book.

Most times, you can start your book report by incorporating a citation or some of the items illustrated above.

Additionally, you have to consider the following to kick-start your thought process regarding the book.

  • Author. Do you know the author? Do you know of any other pieces of work that the writer has had published?
  • Genre. Contemplate the type of genre the book falls under. It can prove a work of fiction, a non-fiction, a biography, etc. Additionally, what kind of individuals prove likely to fancy reading such a book? Can you ordinarily read such a book? Do you fancy them?
  • Title. What emotion gets elicited in you by the book's title? Do you get interested to read the book? Can the title rank as perfectly befitting when it comes to the book's text?
  • Book jacket/pictures/printing/cover. Consider the contents of the book cover. Can you rate them as accurate? Do you excited to read the book as a result of the cover? What type of pictures feature on the cover? Can the pictures rank as exciting?

It becomes crucial to track all the main characters and what happens to each one of them. Also, identify the key concept contained in the book and what you learn from it. Additionally, you have to announce the author and the book, illustrate the principles you liked the most, organize the write-up, to sum up, the book, besides giving your evaluation and recommendation.


Consider the above guidelines to write an excellent book report that you can become proud of and score highly.


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